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Google Desktop for Linux

Google Desktop Download
Requires glibc 2.3.2 , gtk 2.2.0

Google has finally released a version of Google Desktop Search for linux. I am _very_ happy about this. Yay.

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How can I remember something for next year when I have already forgotten what I did yesterday?

Chris Roberson’s Celestial Empire stories promise to amuse me – but they will not be available for some time and have no entry in Amazon’s catalogue so I can’t add them to my various wish lists. I keep a text file on my desktop to note down songs that I hear on galaxie or the odd internet radio station but I am not convinced that this is a generalizable solution – if I see a piece of fabric that I would like to tag as an appropriate colour for drapes, perhaps, or a trinket that would make someone a nice birthday present or a review of a wine I would like to try. I want an add-on for Firefox that interacts with a multimedia database in which I can store references and tag them. Thing is, I don’t want to tag this particular blog page of Chris Roberson. If I like the one book that is available (The Voyage of Night Shining White) I might add it to my list o’ feeds. What I want is to extract the author name and the book titles and add them to my list, along with a tentative date of Q1 2008 to revisit their availability. Certainly this post will be tagged and categorized but a blog, and a public one at that, is not the place for it.

How do you all externalize your failing memories?

This is being posted via the FirefoxDeepest Sender” add-on and as a primarily LJ-oriented product it wants me to tell you what I am listening to as I write this. Strangely enough, 2 Front Line Assembly songs: Victim of a Criminal and The Blade. I say strangely because my current song list is 156 songs long and on random shuffle. And I am not using an antiquated copy of Winamp whose concept of random was less than perfect. I am using Quodlibet on Ubuntu Feisty. It has 2 flaws: an inability to sort songs by the file creation/modification date and an obscure preference for Union of Knives – 11 songs of 156 that are played far more often than 7% of the time.

OK, it probably is 7%, but I have the whole *album* in the list and frankly albums contain much more weak music than strong. It’s the whole white-van-on-the-corner thing. Fine. Fine. I will remove everything except “Evil Has Never” and “I Decline”. Happy now? Sheesh.

Chatty today aren’t I?


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Firebug – Web Development Evolved

Oh yes, it is. If you dabble in HTML, CSS, or JS at all, install Firebug now.
Firebug takes all of the cool web design utilities you could ever dream of and sticks into one slick Firefox extension. The UI is intuitive, the speed is delightful – all in all, I couldn’t have enjoyed the abduction more.

You can inspect and edit both HTML and CSS. Monitor XMLHTTPRequests. Highlight rendered elements. Display box layout values. Execute on-the-fly javascript. A brilliant tool, brilliantly executed. I loved it so much, I donated to the guy’s paypal account. Hats off to Joe Hewitt

PS – I still love Chris Pederick’s Web Developer extension too

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Just for kicks

Install Open Office, then launch Calc, then in an empty cell enter the text =game() and press return. Then enter the text =game(“StarWars”) and press return.

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